Information on the hotel “Morske oko”.

This hotel represents a typical “House of hunter” with all effluent conveniences. There are two floors connected by classic wooden stairs.

So there are seven rooms, three of them are double; there is one DBL first class; the rest three rooms have enough room for four persons.

There is hot and cold running water in every room.

Heating is available in the form of tiled stove in every room. TV and satellite TV is available only in the first class room.

Ecologically pure water for needs of the hotel and residents is received without any filtration from mountain streamlet at a height of 1000 meters above sea level. Even while the most terrible frost the streamlet does not freeze.

Al the rooms are decorated with wooden lambery made of Carpathian fir. Lambery is not lacquered.

Here are our prices for living:

DBL first class:
Cost of room – 40 USD per night;

DBL standard:
Cost of room – 20 USD per night;

Room for four:
Cost of room – 20 USD per night + 5 USD per every additional berth.

Full board on the basis of 10 USD per person per day

Additional services (on the basis of one person):

  • Extreme rest (60 USD and more);
  • One-day tours on the horseback (on foot) – 60 USD (50 USD);
  • Three-days tours on the horseback (on foot) - 175 USD (114 USD);
  • Excursions by bus to the castles of Zakarpatya, to the health-centers of Zakarpatya, to the valley of daffodils, to the Tereblya-Rykska hydroelectric power station, to the waterfall Shypot and so on.

There are shower and toilets on the floor. There is running hot and cold water and TV in every room. Trunk line and bathhouse with swimming pool are available. A discount of 50 percent is offered for children under 14.

But the prices can be lowered as well as increased. The widespread system of discounts is provided. There is the cafe-bar for 20 persons inside the building. It is decorated with the Carpathian fir in the national style by the best cabinetmakers of the village Kolochava.

You can familiarize yourself with our café’s menu, which consists of Hungarian and Verchovynian dishes. But we are always glad to learn some new recipes from you and to add them to our menu. In such a case you will be offered an additional discount of 20 per cent for board in our café under condition of your living in our hotel.

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