If you are a lover of “active” hunting and if you think that it is better to lose several days but then taste chop of wolf, if you prefer sweaty hunters ransacking about the forest in search of game to dreamy and lazy fishermen, we will be glad to present the most interesting hunting in the Carpathian mountains. You will get feelings of a real hunter after finding yourself in ten hours’ walking from the nearest settlement with a gun in your hands and with thoughts about fierce and ever hungry Carpathian wolves. At that very moment you will see the difference between fowling somewhere in the suburb not far from your car and hunting (in the true sense of this word) amidst wild nature.

At present the moratorium on hunting for red deer and wild boar is functioning in Zakarpatya. We concluded a treaty with the number of deer-breeding farms in the region. Of course, this is not hunting under wild conditions. But we assure you it is approached to “wild hunting” as much as possible.

At present hunting for furry animals such as hare, fox etc. is permitted. The same situation is with waterfowl and wolf hunting: no limitation on time and quantity.

If you are interested in organization of hunting you have to know that you will receive powerful backing from arrival till departure. We will provide you with the license for shooting the certain species of animals, help you to register your weapon, place at your disposal experienced hunters, and provide you with night’s lodging and food. Generally speaking we will do everything what is necessary for your thorough comfort.

Addressing yourself to us you will not only look in hunting, you will also have a good rest having joined to the original culture of countryside. It is necessary to notice that during hunting your family will not be bored. As hunting lasts on average from two to three days they will spend this time making use of our excursion programs.

P.S. And some more information. We will be pleased to help in purchasing hunter’s trophies (horns, hoofs, skins, stuffed animals or birds etc.).



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