Are you eager to feel the crucial situation on your own back, to tickle your nervous system and to inject a knockout dose of adrenaline into your heart??? So we are happy to present you the extreme kinds of rest.

First of all, that is summer trip into the mountains by off-road cars. The greatest extreme is LuAZ “Volynyanka” - tremendous practicability, impressions - for the rest of life. What do you think? O.k., let’s go on. What about UAZ-469? Its characteristics are also not bad… And what do you think about ZIL-131 or Suzuki Samurai Shogun??? Would you like to go for a drive along the mountains by modern jeep or by domestically produced landrover??? It is for you to decide.

Secondly, that is the tour into the mountains on the horseback along the routes developed by us. It’s dead certain, in your childhood you watched all films about adventures of Indiana Johns, did not you? This tour is practically the same, but not in the thicket of rainforest of the Amazon. It is in the middle of virgin forest of the Ukrainian Carpathians.

Thirdly, that is gathering mushrooms and berries with following their preserving. Are you tired of the life in city? Do you feel sick of marinaded field mushrooms? Has purchase of finished confiture and jam become an ordinary and routine thing for you? Or you just want to make everything by your hands but do not have any forest full of mushrooms and berries within easy reach. Otherwise, there is such a forest but everything is controllable and chargeable. Are you bored to death with stumbling on the exhausted contraceptives and empty bottles while seeking mushrooms? So take comfortable sits and imagine following…

You get up in the hotel at a height of 1000 m above sea level but not because of music sounding loudly from the retransmitted megaphone of broadcasting, and not because of morning exercises, which will start in 5 minutes and 32 seconds. The reason of your awaking is the woodpecker, pecking the tree rind on the opposite bank of the lake.

On having light morning meal made of ecologically pure products and gifts of forest and lake, you take scythe, the ordinary scythe for grass, and go mowing to chosen beforehand meadow. You wish you were not a city-dweller who is exposed to stress, but a real peasant, who long since has been fed only by his own feet, hands and nature, not by the Soviet government.

Mowing for half a day and got tired, but having felt all delights of agribusiness, you will be able to feed splay grass to deers in the open-air cage attached to the hotel. Your appetite is whetted after hard mowing, is not it? You have already tasted all the national dishes – peculiarities of this region. And what about Hungarian cuisine? You are also bored with it. O.k., it is not a problem. The cook will be glad to give place to you. Give free rain to your culinary fantasy. Make your favorite dish with your own hands. We will provide you with any ingredients.

Though the hotel is situated rather high, but we can get on your advance order “civilized” shrimps, mussels, artichokes, olives, bananas and so on. How do you like it? Will you continue to imagine?

Have you ever happened to observe the phase of “making” milk and to take part in the process “cow – milk”? You have already dealt with hay. Now let’s go on with the subject “My relations with a cow ”. You come into the ordinary cow-house. The scent of musty hay and cows’ shit. Something mooing and spotty. Ah! That is a cow! You saw it in your textbook of zoology. You get an introductory instruction concerning the theme: “how to milk a cow and not to get the kick” from a milkmaid. Soon after that you have milked your first liter. Drink it at once! Feel the difference between this natural drink and that what you drink every day.

One more day passed very quickly, as it was full of emotions and impressions. So here is the next morning. We are walking across the country to the morning dewy forest. Why is anybody talking about breakfast? Here, within 10 m from the hotel, is forest awakening. You are gathering mushrooms and berries. Truly, real ceps of considerable quantity. You take them to the hotel and marinate them with your own hands, and ultimately take cans home. Everything is free of charge, owing to Mother Nature. And at this moment all your adventures are being shot by your wife / girlfriend / mistress. Or else the friends will not believe you…


In winter the situation won’t be changed except berries, mushrooms and haymaking. But one has chance to sledge about the mountains or even hunt for wolves.



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